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This is the latest and most exciting member freebie to be introduced to OwnACasino!

It's common knowledge that search engines are placing huge emphasis on incoming links to sites when producing results; not only that, but it is also a huge source of traffic to websites.  We at OwnACasino have come up with a way for our members to increase their chances of getting a good search engine placement for their site with our new Reciprocating Link Program.

All the casino designs that our members download have a "Links" option on the index page.  What our program allows us to do is to update these pages AUTOMATICALLY as new web sites request to link to our growing network.

*NOTE - To secure the integrity of our link network, only sites that have had some degree of change to the Title tags, <h1> tags and site text on the index page will be allowed.  This is not difficult, and help can be provided by us.  This is to ensure that our network is not just linking to exactly the same content on every site *

If you have any more Gambling related sites, feel free to add them too!  You will need to create a link to a "links.html" page, though.

You can join us simply by providing the information required below (which allows the program to update your links pages):
Your ID Number:  
Your Name:  
Your Site URL:  
Your Site Title:  
Site Description:  
FTP Hostname:  
eg.  ftp.mysite.com
FTP Username:  
eg.  mysite
FTP Password:  
eg.  password123
FTP Path:

(path to where your html files are located)

eg.  /html