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  What is Own a Casino all about?
Money Related Questions
New Players
General Questions
What is Own a Casino all about?

We're offering you the opportunity to run your own online casino, poker, sportsbook and bingo site at a minimal cost. With our free packages 1 & 2, we provide you with a pre-designed website which you can then change and re-design yourself, before promoting it on the Internet and other media formats in order to gain players and earn commission. We've several different options for you to choose from, below is a quick description of the setting up process for them.

Packages 1 & 2 - first you fill out the application form, which we will normally process within two working days. We will then send you an email containing information for downloading your choice of design, setting up your site, along with your ID and password so you can check your statistics.  You will be able to choose from many different casino software packages, a sportsbook package, a poker package and a bingo package.  You can set up as few or as many sites as you want.

Next, you just unzip the file you download, upload it to your web space and activate it. We can provide web space and a domain name for $99 a year, if you do not already have it.

You could be the proud owner of:

www.YourOnlineCasino.com (example)

www.YourPokerSite.com (example)

www.YourBingoSite.com (example)

Now you are ready to start promoting!

Package 3 - when we receive your application form we will ask how you'd like your site to look. Once you've made your payment, our designers will start on the design of your custom-built casino. You should be up and running within 3-4 weeks!

Package 4 - once you've made your payment, we will contact you to discuss your requirements for the casino.  Obviously, with the nature of this package there is much more to arrange than usual, but we will make it as easy as possible to get your ideal site up and running.

Packages 3 & 4 come with 1 year domain registration and hosting included in the price.

Money Related Questions

How much will it cost me?
Our first two options, Packages 1 and 2, won't cost you a cent! They are totally free with absolutely no hidden costs. All you'll have to arrange is web space and a domain name, although we can even provide that for $99 per year.

Our other packages start at $7999 and you can read a comparison of them all here.

Do I need to provide any credit card details?
No, we don't need any information, except for Who and Where you are so that we can pay you. You can select on your application form exactly how you would like to be paid: Neteller, Wire Transfer, Check or many other choices.  Don't worry, these can be changed by you later.

How much can I earn?
Between 25-75% of the net earnings of the casino, depending on which casino option you decide on. For example, if you are on a 40% option and a player in your casino loses $500, you'll receive $200 in commission. This continues for the lifetime of every player.  You will also receive up to 10% over-ride commission on the net revenue of all webmasters you refer.

You will also receive a commission bonus on each package 3 & 4 purchased by your webmasters.  You can check the rates here.

Is there a financial risk to me?
Once you've paid your fee for your casino option, or taken the FREE Package 1 or 2, you won't have to pay out a single cent to us. Furthermore, there is absolutely no way that you will ever have to pay out money to players at your casino, sportsbook, poker or bingo site. It's a cracking deal for you - you get the commissions but don't have to pay anything out!

We expect that you will make money from the venture but just like in regular gambling games, sometimes players win (sad but true!). Any negative amount will be paid from the following month's commission. If a player cashes out more than he puts in then you make nothing from that player but it's your final balance at the end of the month that counts.  Note, you will never actually owe us anything, we'll never ask you for cash for payment deficits.

When do I get paid?
We send payments on or around the 20th of every month.

What if my players win too much?
You will never have to pay out any cash, and any negative amount will be paid from the following month, should that occur. Of course, there is every possibility that your players could win more than they lose but it's risk-free for you!

What deals can I offer my players?
We are responsible for running all promotions and will inform you when they are to change. From time-to-time we will offer customers a larger signup bonus or have a massive jackpot on one of the progressive games to promote. The graphical images on your casino will automatically change to reflect these promotions. Package 3 & 4 members will be able to create their own promotions.

What is the minimum amount that you will send me?
The minimum amount that we will pay out is for $200 via Neteller & check/wire transfer. Anything under this amount will be carried over to the next month.

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New Players

How much do I get for new players?
You will earn up to 50% of the net revenue of each player that you send us if you are running a free Package 1 or 2 site. For example, a player that gambles at your casino spends $500.  You receive up to $250 of that sum. This continues for the lifetime of every player. You will also receive up to 10% over-ride commission on the net revenue of all webmasters you refer. With Package 3 sites, you receive 55% and for Package 4 sites, you make 75% of profits.

Is there a limit on the amount of people that signup to my gaming sites?
Nope! Just keep bringing them in!

What will I know about the players that I send to you?
Our confidentiality agreement with players mean that we do not share out private information.  However, your stats will show all payment activity by your players.  We will notify you every month of the status of your over-ride commission and new webmasters. Members using Packages 3 & 4 are given a more comprehensive stats report, including name & email address for their promotions.

How will I keep track of the amount of revenue that my own gaming site  is generating?
Once you have joined up you simply click on the "view stats" link at the top of the page and enter your login details.

Stats are updated daily and you can view stats for an entire year, month or day.

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General Questions

How many sites can I run?
It's up to you. If you want to, you can run one Casino, one Poker site, one Bingo site and concentrate all of your efforts into them. You could even run several and market them all simultaneously! If you have enough time then plug away and promote dozens of sites.

How do I join up?
Just click here to join and then fill in our form. You will soon receive a welcome e-mail, containing everything you need to get up and running. Please make sure you give us a working e-mail address when you join. All program information will be sent to this address.

How do I design a site?
For package 1 and 2 sites, there's no need for you to design it as we offer pre-designed sites. You can, however, adapt the site as you see fit, taking care not to provide any false or misleading information.  With package 3 & 4 sites, you are given a full reign to provide the specifications you require for your casino.

How do I find my ID/Password/Referral code if I lose it?
Email us at [email protected] so we can let you know

What can I change on my site?
You can change as much as you like on your site. All we specify is that you do not change the text to provide misleading information to your visitors. We will not be held accountable for webmasters in our program who operate their sites improperly.

What is an initial deposit bonus?
An initial deposit bonus is given to players upon their first deposit. At your site, the player deposits funds, and is given a percentage on top of that to gamble with.

How do I check my stats?
Click on the "view stats" link at the top of this page and enter your login details.

What information do the stats provide?
Once you have joined our program you simply login at the top of the page. Then you will have access to the following information:

  • Number of purchases
  • Value of purchases
  • Commission owed to you
  • Information on earnings from your sub-affiliates

Package 3 & 4 members get more detailed information for their promotional activities.

What is a referral code?
In order to keep track of which website is sending which player we issue each webmaster a unique code called a referral code.  By using the referral code, we know who sent who and who to pay for each player.

Who pays the winnings?
We are 100% responsible for paying out any cash to players.

How do I find out about my Webmaster referrals?
Every time a new Webmaster signs up under your particular code, you will see them on your stats. We will provide their name and email address on request so that you can keep in touch and provide the services of a sponsor. The more you help them, the more they help you - don't forget, you receive an over-ride commission on their new player accounts!

How is money deposited into the Casino, Poker and Bingo sites?
The gaming sites accept payments via a variety of formats, including MasterCard, Visa, Diners Card, Neteller, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Moneybookers, PrePaidATM and many more.