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So you've downloaded the ZIP file of your casino and don't know what to do next?

Help Screenshot

Click Save it to disk

Help Screenshot
Browse to your C: Drive using the drop down box at the top and hit Save

When you have downloaded the ZIP file, it will be saved on your computer. We will delete it later on so there's no need to place it anywhere special.

What is a ZIP file?
A zip file is a group of files that we've compressed (or "zipped") using a special program called Winzip. We compress the files in order to get them to a suitable size to email out to you. In order to "unzip" the files you will need Winzip yourself.

Click here to go to the download page for Winzip

Ok, I've got WinZip, what now?
The next step is to "unzip" your ZIP file using Winzip. Open Winzip and click:

  • I Agree
  • Next
  • Select Unzip or install from an existing Zip file then Next
  • Select Search
Help Screenshot
Now use the drop-down menu at the top to select the C: drive and double-click on the ZIP file that you put there earlier

Click Next

Click Select Different Folder

Help Screenshot
Click on C: then New. Type "Online Casino" and hit OK then OK again.

Now click Unzip now and you're finished with Winzip! Winzip has probably opened up the folder containing your Online Casino. If you go inside the folder you'll notice how many files that Zip file contained - quite a few huh! Ensure that all the folders are in place - for example, Images.  You can now close Winzip and move onto the next step in this guide, web space.