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  Ever fancied running your own
Online Casino, Sportsbook, Poker or Bingo site?

  To get you into this business, we're offering you many totally unique opportunities. Here's a brief overview:  
In Brief  

Package 1
Free package. Select one of our pre-designed sites.  Commission rate is 25-35%

Package 2
Free package. Select one of our pre-designed sites.  Starting commission rate is 40%

Package 3
Superior software offering a suite of over 100 games and player tracking. Branded to your specifications and offering a much higher commission rate of 55%. Usually $9999, currently just $8999!

Package 4 Professional
Our most powerful package. Full branding and design change, and make 75% of the profits. Just $21999!

Click here to compare packages.
We're offering you an unrivalled opportunity to run your own casino website and keep up to 75% of the profits generated. This is the highest commission rate in the industry today!

Better still, to get started, this needn't cost you a single cent!

Depending on which package you select, this is what we'll supply you with when you join:
  • You'll make up to 75% of the profits you generate.
  • We make no monthly charges to our members for their casino, sportsbook, poker and bingo sites.
  • We provide all the financial processing.
  • You're provided with complete technical support.
  • We provide support for your customers.
  • You choose from many casino package options
  • We can even provide domain registration and web hosting for package 1 and 2 sites for just $99 per year! (This is included FREE with packages 3 and 4)
No matter which package you choose, you will be able to set up as many casino 1, 2, poker and bingo sites as you like!

Simply choose from our wide selection of Pre-designed sites and you could be set up within a few hours. Just think, for no payment to us, you could be the proud owner of:





Each one could immediately start bringing in commissions to you. All for just a couple of hours work.

Alternatively, go for a higher package and your commissions will increase significantly!



Packages 1 & 2 - the FREE options

Select one of our Pre-Designed casino sites - these options are TOTALLY FREE.
Package 1 - You will earn 25-35% of the profits from your casino.
For more information on package 1, click here.

Package 2 - You will earn at least 40% of the profits from your casino. This package uses the software from The Casino Lobby.
For more information on package 2, click here.


Choose from our huge range of Pre-Designed Sportsbooks! Click here for more information about this FREE option.

Poker and Bingo

You can also get free Poker and Bingo sites. Click here for more information.

Package 3

Casino 3 sites, such as The Casino Lobby are powered by our TES software, which is branded to your own specifications, offering a suite of over 100 games and you get increased player information for your own promotions! All Casino 3 packages start at 55% of profits. Get this package for just $8999. Click here for more information on Package 3.

Package 4 Professional

Want to take full control of your own casino and sportsbook? Take 75% of all profits that you bring in. With our help, you can finally be your own boss and have your own affiliates! Order NOW and get your Package 4 for just $21999! Click here for more information on Package 4 Professional.

In all cases, we offer complete support for our members, helping out with technical queries, design issues, marketing ideas.....anything you've got a problem with!

Click here for a comparison of all of your options.